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Upper Cylinder Lubricant & Fuel Injector Cleaner
Dura Lube Octane Booster
Dura Lube Severe Fuel Cleaner
Engine Treatment Booster
Dura Lube Instant Quiet
Dura Lube International Product Guide
Code Red Pour & Go
Engine, Transmission & Power Steering
Dura Lube Sludge Away
12 oz. 'Pour and Go'
Engine Treatment
32 oz. Advanced Engine Treatment
Dura Lube Advanced Transmission
7 oz. Dura Lube Flex Fuel Enhancer
16 oz. Direct Injection & Port System
Super Cleaner
5.25 oz. Direct Injection & Port
System Cleaner
12 oz. Power Steering & Transmission
Treatment *Stop Leak*
8 oz. Quick Fix Engine Stop Leak
Stops oil leaks, also conditions gaskets and
seals. Can be used before a leak occurs and
won’t harm your engine. Use for a quick fix to
stopping oil consumption and exhaust