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Use genuine new parts for better performance and reliability! The best defense is a proactive offense. Critical Components
effective maintenance is your key to reliable, better performing, and road worthy transportation. Repairing your car with
genuine OE or OEM (original equipment manufacturer) or quality after market parts can not only help the performance of
your vehicle but also help in stability, functionality, and mechanically responsive. At General American Auto Parts, "we
believe quality must meet value".

Call us today for the right auto parts for your vehicle!

How important is UCL (Upper Cylinder Lubricant) additive in
help lubricating and cleaning your fuel system and Injectors?
Toyota Motor Company USA and AC Delco (GM) sell and use
them. Mercedes-Benz USA, Land Rover/Range Rover dealers
in USA use additives in part to maintain Leased and Owned
There are so many benefits for using quality Engine,Fuel,and
Transmission Additives.
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Protect your investment with quality auto parts from General American Auto Parts. All parts are imported and  
shipped from USA. We carry auto parts and accessories for all Makes and Models with North American   
specifications. We have available OE (Original Equipment) parts and accessories, or you can stimulate your own
economy with quality OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or high quality after-market parts.

Maintaining your automobile with quality parts can not be overstated. It is important to always use your VIN or
Chasis number to make sure you are installing the right part(s) recommended for your vehicle.

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contact us anytime. Email us.

It is quite simple to maintain your automobile. First and foremost, you
need to follow your car manufacturer's service and maintenance
recommendations. You must periodically check with your service
adviser to see if there are any SB (Service Bulletins), TSB (Technical
Service Bulletins) or Service Recalls issued on your vehicle(s).  

Always use quality and recommended Oil Filters for your engines, failure to do so could result in
serious damage to your engine. One of the most important parts overlooked today is the
Serpentine Belts. Insist on belts made with EPDM. These belts do not crack, but required
special tool to determine if they need replacement. It is recommended to replace your
Serpentine Belt(s) and the Tensioner(s) after every 50,000 to 80,000 miles. Its failure causes
problems to your Water Pumps, AC Compressors, and Alternators. These are very expensive
parts to replace.


What you put in is exactly what you are going to get. Cars function just like human beings, and if you
can apply the same basic principles your car would function and perform better.

The question is what do we expect from our cars? A simple start and go wouldn't be possible without
"QRP". After all, we want Quality parts that we can count on with Reliability that is capable of
delivering Performance. How do you measure Quality? We believe and measure Quality by Excellence
and Efficiency in design and material coupled with Correct Form, Fit, and Functionality.

The components in your car is made by so many different companies from like the tires by
Drive Belts by GATES, MITSUBOSHI or
BANDO, just to name a few companies and parts. These companies produce these parts With "QRP"
standard to correct Form, Fit, and functionality. General American Auto Parts is known to carry only
Quality and Reliable Auto parts and Accessories that Fit and Function for the most Reliable driving
experience. Always follow recommended maintenance, and the use of
Fuel system cleaner like Dura
UCL, or engine additives like Dura Lube Engine Booster to help protect your engine.

Quality Car Parts

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