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Frank J. Siale, President &
Chief Marketing Officer
Samuel Anim-Bediako, Exec.
VP, Operations & Business
Our Mission Statement:

Our aim here at General American Auto Parts is to provide peace of mind and
value driven comfortable products and services with transparency throughout
the delivery process. We believe and we are bound by the “Golden Rule”

About Our Business:

We are in the business of selling an American specification automobiles, auto
parts, and auto body parts (for body works). We currently target the West
African Countries for automobile parts and Dura Lube Performance Additives.

General American Auto Parts is the Distributor for Dura Lube in West Africa.
Dura Lube Additives help prolongs the life of your Engines, and Transmissions
with SR2 technology by reducing Heat and Friction, major causes of Engines
and Transmission breakdown. We have Upper Cylinder Lubricant (UCL) that
lubricate and clean Fuel Pumps and Filters, and clean Fuel Injectors for better
performance and help save fuel in the process. The UCL works in all Petro and
Diesel Engines.
For those having Power Steering and Engine leakage problems, we have Additive
to condition your Power Steering Fluid and Additives that will help condition
and rejuvenate your Engine Seals and Gaskets to stop the leak.

We know a lot of you have been burned by friends and families in the past for
paying for goods and services that were never delivered. It is for this reason
we have created our company. We want to be your number one and most
trusted source when it comes to your automobile needs.

Auto Parts can be very expensive. Apart from “Non-moving Parts” which we
also refer to us SPECIAL ORDERS, we have critical important service and
maintenance parts available in out stores Tema and Kumasi. These parts
include: Serpentine Belt (Fan Belts), Water Pumps, Thermostat, Coolant, Spark
Plugs, Oil Filters, Engine Oils, Transmission Fluids, Struts, Shocks, Ball Joints,
Sway Bar Links, Brake Pads, Brake Rotors, and Dura Lube Performance Additives.

Special Orders:

All non stocked parts are considered Special Orders. These parts are usually
components that rarely go bad, non-moving or non-selling parts, Parts for less
popular vehicle, and very expensive parts.
We do our very best to deliver on Special Orders as quickly as possible. It
usually takes about five (5) to ten (10) business days to deliver Special Orders.
For those who can not wait, we have five (5) day delivery option available with
premium based on the weight and dimensions of the package, and Customs
Duty and Taxes on the parts when it reaches Ghana.

We understand that times are hard, and money is difficult to come by, and
never available to be wasted. Our commitment is guaranty of quality automotive
parts always imported from USA from reputable automotive industry
manufacturers, distributors, and or suppliers. We know that the only person
who is at the losing end of buying an inferior, fake or cheap auto parts is you
the Customer. You may have to eventually buy the right auto parts.
At General American Auto Parts, we believe the best defense is a proactive
You must not wait until something brakes down before you try to fix it.
Understand the basic needs and your automobile manufacturer’s
recommended routine maintenance services and service intervals.
Whenever available, we will inform you about any recall or technical service
bulletin related to your car. We will also inform and educate about the
critically important components often overlooked by some “mechanics” which
can lead to being stranded and huge out of pocket costs.

At General American Auto Parts, “We Believe Quality Must Meet Value”. We
look forward to servicing your automobile needs now and in the future.